Registration For "Do Not Solicit" List

** This "Do Not Solicit" registration applies only to Town of Parker residences.
To verify residence eligibility, you can visit the Douglas County Assessor web page and follow the instructions below.
To open the Assessor page in a new window, click here.
To open the Assessor page in this window, click here.
Assessor Web Page Instructions:
1. In the Real Estate Property Search, enter your street number and click Search.
2. Locate and click on the Account No that applies to your address.
3. Click on the Tax Authority tab. If there is a "Town of Parker" entry listed in the Authority Name column of the
Tax District Details section, the residence is eligible for registration.

To register, please provide the following information and click the Submit button.
** Only one (1) registration is required per address. Duplicate address registration requests will not be processed.
To view a current list of processed and approved addresses, click here.
First Name   Last Name  
Street Address  
Subdivisions are listed by "Sales Name --- Developer Name"
Phone Number  
Email Address
** Request processing shall take effect within thirty (30) days after the request has been received by the Town Clerk.
Approved registrations will remain in effect until cancelled by the owner or occupant of the registered property.